Japanese BJJ Federation JBJJF dicided to do drug test

Highly interesting decision was down in Japan.
JBJJF (Japanese BJJ federation) set to drug test in Japan.

It’s a epoch-making for Japanese BJJ comunity of course, and I think also for all BJJ scene around the world. Nowadays, BJJ comunity has ton of bad drugs as everyone knows.

I have a friend who is a blackbelt and once he competed at some World famous top class tourney. At there he went to a group training session, and he saw top BJJ guys include many world champions at there and everyone sat down in circle and did a shot at their butt or by oral , and they said “we come here not for lose, for win.”

What win??  

And after the game, my friend took off jacket of the gi and sat there, An american fighter came up to him and said “Hey, were you lose?” “You are very thin, Are you blue belt?” My friend said “Black belt” to heard that, the man said “What? really? such a thin body, Black belt? don’t you use Bomba? Are you kidding? Don’t you want to win?” My friend felt so bad and a battle almost happen between he and the man.

My friend has very good physical but he is clean and not bulky body by nature. So he doesn’t seems like a kind of world champion who has ultra bulky body.
Why some peoples think not using is not want to win.

Sometimes a very very curious situation can happen in fighters world. Like “Doing roids is for win, It’s not so bad, It’s for win” And it gradually turns into “It provides fighter’s livelihoods. Bad is a poverty.” “Using drug is a proof of effort , It’s a courageous deed” “Why don’t you use?”

No no no, Nanook no no!! Don’t be a naughty BJJ fighter!
Bad is bad.  Don’t eat the yellow snow !

If BJJ is a competition for penance or compete amount of body damages,
They should do voodoo. and it’s not a sports.

So Japanese Federation JBJJF decided to start drugtest
It’s only a one step but a big step.

Felipe Costa always helps our movement.
(Photo by Mike Calimbas)

And Master Caio Terra who oppose the using drugs for a long time gives message for BJJ world.

“A clean sport is the first big step to the growth of Kids BJJ, who are the future of our sport.”

Where is a parent in this world want to make their son or daughter do such a dirty sports?
Spreading drug kills our beautiful and joyful sport’s future.

Caio Terra, Rodrigo Comprido and Felipe Costa always fights against such a bad habit.

I think fight against drugs in America and Brazil is so hard.
Hats off their real courageous deed.

Thank you for reading my very very poor English.

Yoichi Iwai